27./28. January 2022

The recent developments regarding compliance with the rule of law in the EU Member States pose a serious challenge to the European Union. The short-term and sustainable goal must be to strengthen the European rule-of-law culture and to overcome the current crisis together.

The Free State of Saxony wants to serve as a bridge in the heart of Europe to support the development of a pan-European understanding of the rule of law and to create solutions in the respective debates. To do so, Saxony will draw on its neighbourly ties and its close economic, judicial and personal connections as well as its similar history of social and constitutional transformation with Poland and the Czech Republic.

In cooperation with the University of Leipzig, the Minister of Justice, Democracy, European Affairs and Gender Equality, Katja Meier, is therefore launching a trilogue with representatives of the judiciary, politics and academia from Poland, the Czech Republic, and Germany – the „Trinational Conversations on the Rule of Law“, held for the first time January 28, 2022 in Leipzig.Its highlight will be an exclusive High-level panel discussion, titled “How to address the Rule of Law challenges throughout the EU?”. In order to discuss this matter from the highest possible standpoint, State Minister Katja Meier has invited and will welcome the following honorable guests:

Joachim Herrmann, Member of the Cabinet of the European Commissioner for Justice

Prof. Dr. Wojciech Piątek, on behalf of the President of the Polish Supreme Administrative Court

Prof. Dr. Ivo Šlosarčík, Charles University Prague

Bettina Limperg, President of the German Federal Court of Justice